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Dr. Power Equipment

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Dr. Power
Monthly Specials
Neuton Cordless Battery Electric Products
Log Splitter  
Accessories for Grader  
Leaf and Lawn Vac  
Field and Brush Mower
Premier Front Tine Tiller Lot#4274 $500.00 Regular $400.00 Sale
  Tar River  
  Tar River Moder ERC6 4ft 3pt Bushhog Lot#5010 $1250.00
Tar River 48" Skid Steer Quick Tach Pallet Forks Lot#4409 $850.00

Tar River PTS-100P Poly Pull Type Spin Spreader Lot#5009


Tar River STR6 6ft 3pt Landscape Rake Lot#4516 $995.00
4ft Chain Drag Lot#5102 $350.00
6ft Chain Drag Lot#5103 $450.00
Tar River BFT2000 44" Champion Bucket Forks Lot#4408 $350.00
Tar River SP300 Poly Stainless Steel 3pt Spin Spreader Lot#4405 $750.00
Tar River 5ft 3pt Finish Mower Lot#4256 $1500.00
Tar River 6ft 3pt Rotary Tiller Lot#4032 $2195.00
Tar River DLTS42 42" 3pt Rotary Tiller Lot#5093 $1500.00
Tar River TXG060R Rotary Tiller Lot#5094 $1900.00
Tar River 5ft 3pt Rotary Tiller Lot#4041 $1695.00
Tar River 7ft 3pt Leveling Box $1850.00
Tar River 6ft 3pt Box Blade Lot#4040 $850.00
Tar River 5ft 3pt Box Blade Lot#4037 $750.00
  Befco Equipment  
Befco Box Scape 13-BGS-072 6FT Lot#33494  
  60 Inch Quick Tach Bucket Lot#32873
  66 Inch Quick Tach Bucket Lot#32872
  72 Inch Quick Tach Bucket Lot#32871
Crusting Forks
  78 inch Quick Tach Crusting Forks
  Dirt Dog Equipment
John Deere Quick Tach Forks 48" Lot#34559
Skid Steer Quick Tach Forks 48"