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New Equipment


Dr. Power Equipment

Please Call for
Dr. Power
Monthly Specials
Neuton Cordless Battery Electric Products
  14" Battery Cordless Battery Electric Mowers sku#7017CEMXX55 $399.00
  Battery Cordless Electric Garden Cart sku#207201 $329.00
Log Splitter  
  15 Ton Briggs 205CC 9.00 Intek Engine Lot#N3191 $1299.00
  Dr Power Grader 4' Model sku#21083 $1,249.00
  Dr Power Grader 5' Model sku#22685 $1,399.00
Accessories for Grader  

Drag Screen 4' sku#21086

Drag Screen 5' sku#22686

$119.95 4'

$149.95 5'

Leaf and Lawn Vac  
  Walk Behind Lawn Vac 6hp B/S Quan M. Push sku#9018 WLL060MN $1,399.00
  Walk Behind Lawn Vac 6hp B/S Quan M. S/P sku#9021 WLL060SN $1,649.00
  Walk Behind Lawn Vac 6hp B/S Quan E. S/P sku#9024 WLL060EN $1,799.00
  6.0hp Briggs Intek-Premier 245 gal. Man sku#9026 LLV061MN $1,399.00
  6.0hp Briggs Intek-Premier 245gal. Elec sku#9029 LLV061EN $1,599.00
  7hp Briggs Intek- 2" Chip, Premier 245gal. Man sku#9032 LLV071MN $1,799.00
  7hp Briggs Intek- 2" Chip, Premier 245gal. Elec sku#9035 LLV071EN $1,999.00
  7hp Briggs Intek -2" Chip Comm. 315gal. Man sku#9002 LLV070M $2,099.00
  7hp Briggs Intek-2" Chip Comm. 315gal. Elec sku#9015 LLV070E $2,299.00
  9hp Subaru -2" Chip Comm.315gal. Elec $2,399.00
  10hp M-S Briggs Intek OHV 3 1/2 Chip Cap sku#4085 CPR100M $1,599.00
  13hp M-S Briggs Vanguard OHV sku# 4091 CPR130M $2,499.00
  13hp E-S Briggs Vanguard OHV sku#4088 CPR130E $2,699.00
  18hp E-S B&S Vanguard Bottom Discharge sku#4074 CPR180E $3,399.00
  19hp E-S Kawasaki Top Discharge sku#4094 CPR190E $4,199.00
  3 Point Hitch - PTO Chipper sku#4064 CPR3PTX $2,099.00
  3 Point Hitch -PTO Chipper -Top Discharge sku#4109 CPR3PTT $2,599.00
  Powerwagon 5.5hp E-S Briggs Quantum Moled Bed sku#3095 PRW05E $1,589.00
  Powerwagon 6.75hp M-S Briggs OHV Stake Bed sku#3073 PRW067M $1,959.00
  Powerwagon 6.75hp E-S Briggs OHV Stake- Electric Lift sku#3088 PRW067L $2,368.00
  Powerwagon 6.75hp E-S Briggs OHV Pro Package sku#3093 PRW067P $2,586.00
Field and Brush Mower
  Field and Brush Mower 13.0hp E-S Briggs Intek OHV Plus Sku# 2277 FBM130E $2,599.00
  Field and Brush Mower 11.5hp E-S Briggs OHV w/ Cast Iron Sleeve sku#2247 FBM070M $1,399.00

Field and Brush Mower 15.0hp E-S Kawasaki V-Twin PRO sku# 2281 FBM150E

  Field and Brush Mower 17.0hp E-S Kawasaki V -Twin w/26" Deck sku#2289 FBM171E $3,149.00
  Field and Brush Mower 17.0hp E-S Kawasaki V-Twin Commerical sku#2285 FBM170E $3,199.00
  Field and Brush Mower 18.0hp E-S Honda V-Twin Com w/30" Deck sku#2292 FBM180E $4,099.00
  Dr Trimmer/Mower 5.5hp M-S Briggs& Stratton Sprint sku#1210 TRM055M $499.00
  Dr Trimmer/ Mower 5.5hp E-S Briggs & Stratton Sprint sku#1204 TRM055E $599.00
  Dr Timmer/Mower 6.0hp M-S Briggs & Stratton PRO sku#1134 TRM060E $699.00
  Dr Timmer/Mower 6.75hp E-S Briggs & Stratton Intek Commercial sku#1219 TRM067E $949.00
  Dr Trimmer /Mower 6.75hp E-S Briggs Intek Comm. Self Prop. Sku#1208 TRM067S  
  Tar River Brand  
Tar River 5ft 3pt Finish Mower Lot#4030 $1395.00
Tar River 6ft 3pt Rotary Tiller Lot#4032 $2195.00
Tar River 5ft 3pt Rotary Tiller Lot#4041 $1695.00
Tar River 7ft 3pt Leveling Box Lot#4039 $1850.00
Tar River 6ft 3pt Box Blade Lot#4040 $850.00
Tar River 5ft 3pt Box Blade Lot#4037 $750.00
  Befco Equipment  
Befco Box Scape 13-BGS-072 6FT Lot#33494 $1500.00
  60 Inch Quick Tach Bucket Lot#32873 $670.00
  66 Inch Quick Tach Bucket Lot#32872 $750.00
  72 Inch Quick Tach Bucket Lot#32871 $875.00
Crusting Forks
  78 inch Quick Tach Crusting Forks $800.00
  Dirt Dog Equipment
John Deere Quick Tach Forks 48" Lot#34559 $950.00
Skid Steer Quick Tach Forks 48" $850.00



King Kutter Equipment



Scraper Blade

  King Kutter Scraper Blade 3pt. 8FT Model#HDRB-96 $995.00


Backhoe Attachment

  King Kutter Backhoe Attachment Series 766 Model 230



United Box Scrape




  Hackett Chain Harrow 4FT Pull Type Model#SG-4 $375.00
Hackett Chain Harrow 8FT Pull Type Model#SG-8 $850.00
  Hackett Chain Harrow 10FT Pull Type Model# SG-10 $750.00
  Hackett Chain Harrow 12FT Pull Type Model#SG-12 $850.00
Agri Fab Equipment  
  48" Pull Type Plug Aerator Lot#3154


SALE $325.00



Agrex Equipment



Spin Spreader


Agrex 3pt Spin Spreader 550LBS Model#PA250

  Agrex 3pt Spin Spreader 600LBS Model#PA300 $575.00
Land Leveler
  12FT Pull Type Land Leveler $2500.00
  10FT Pull Type Land Leveler $2195.00

Note: Prices on rotary cutters
may vary with other options.
Call for other sizes.
4ft to 20ft also available


King Kutter

  Rotary Cutter
  King Kutters 3 pt. 4Ft Rotary Cutter $1150.00
  King Kutter 3pt 5Ft Rotary Cutter $1350.00
  King Kutter 3pt 6FT Rotary Cutter KKL-72- 40-6 40HP Gearbox $1550.00
  King Kutter 3PT 6FT Rotary Cutter KKL-72-60-6 60HP Gearbox $1650.00
  King Kutter 3pt 7FT Rotary Cutter with 2 Tail Wheels $3600.00
Bush Hog