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New and Used Rear Wheel Weights Front Quick Attach and Regular Please Call Pricing
Used Tires
15.5x38 Duals No Clamps Lot#3950 $400.00 Set
30.5.L.32 Tire on Rim Lot#3977 $1500.00 Each
27/12LLx15 on 6 Bolt Rim Lot#3511 $100.00 Each
12.5L15 on 8 Bolt Rim Lot#33516 $100.00 Each
13.50-161 Lot#34543 $150.00 Each
21.5L16 Lot#34548 $250.00 Each
355/80D20 Lot#31359 $200.00 Each
41/18LLx161 Lot#33005 $200.00 Each
41x14.00-20 Lot#30457 $150.00 Each
44x18.00-20 Lot#35049 $200.00 Each
2 tires Pull Type Power Rear $75.00 Each
18.4x38 Snap on Duals 4 Clamp Lot#33745
$750.00 for Set